Project Approach & Methodology

Establish the Project Parameters

JMA Architecture Ltd. starts with the Pre-Design Phase IA at the onset of every project, by establishing the project parameters for the project. The following Consultant Work Plan will summarize all aspects and itemize the steps of the Consultant design and construction process.

The key aspects that need to be clearly established before any design work is started are the following items:

  • Terms of Reference; Project Scope, Project Deliverables
  • Project Budget, Project Schedule, Project Team

The Design/Building process phases of work below show the appropriation of work the Consultant team will follow throughout the design and construction program.

Design/Building Process Phases of Work
Phase IA Pre-Design 5%
Phase IB Schematic Design 10%
Phase IC Design Development 10%
Phase ID Construction Documents 50%
Phase I Sub-Total 75%
Phase IIA Tendering 5%
Phase IIB Construction Administration 20%
Phase IIC Warranty Review w/in IIB
Phase II Sub-Total 25%
Total 100%


The following table identifies the traditional levels of work required for each consultant discipline.

Consultant % Work per Consultant
Architectural 50%
Structural 20%
Mechanical 18%
Electrical 12%
Total 100%

Pre-Design - Phase IA

The Pre-Design Phase IA is often rushed and overlooked in efforts for the Consultant Team and the client to meet project deadlines. It is critically important for all project parameters to be clearly defined to all members of the Consultant and Owner’s team before any design work is to proceed. The Architect is responsible in creating a checklist of scope related deliverables that the Owner and his stakeholders need to gather and assess. The Architect will assist the owner in gathering and organizing all the information that will affect the design work.

The following table itemizes the Architect/Consultant work tasks within each phase of work but starting with the first Pre-Design Phase IA.

Consultant Work Task Plan
Phase Tasks Goals
Phase 1A
  • Introduce consultant team; relationships, project leaders, team staff, responsibilities and roles in design start up meeting with Client and Stakeholders.
  • Confirm meeting schedules, lines of communication, and protocol for information management.
  • Review, assess and consider all Client site, building and project options, studies and or reports.
  • Meet with Client Contractor, Construction Manager, or Project Managers and establish relationships and protocol.
  • Visit proposed site and study effect of the proposed design on their engineering discipline.
  • Review existing problems and get their input on (3) costing and renovation options.
  • Identify possible option strengths that may form into (3) viable JMA options.
  • Prepare a preliminary letter to the owner indicating consultant and contractor options.

Establish consultant team process and project terms of reference.

Have clear description of project program and scope, schedule and budget. Secure approval for consultant to proceed schematic design stage.

Confirmation of Project Program/Procedures

Schematic Design - Phase IB

Consultant Work Task Plan
Phase Tasks Goals
Schematic Design
Phase 1B
  • Data coordination, program and (budget confirmation).
  • Explore case studies of green design and green roof solutions.
  • Prepare or re-confirm architectural schematic design studies
  • Execute alternate design studies (if required).
  • Review design solutions with client/contractor in round table design discussions; review building concepts and effect on site.
  • Complete Schematic design drawings and documents.
  • Review project development schedule and budget (class C estimate prepared by contractor).
  • Review code implications; local authorities having jurisdiction.
  • Prepare schematic design presentation; 3d colored perspectives (service negotiable), plan/site plan, elevations, sections and design brief.

Provide client with schematic design solutions to Wallace prototype as requested; alternates for evaluation. Present designs, costing and schedule information for approval to proceed to design development.

Schematic Design Stage Submission

Design Development - Phase IC

Consultant Work Task Plan
Phase Tasks Goals
Phase 1C
Design Development
  • Implement owner review documentation of schematic design submission.
  • Architectural design development; review interior design studies.
  • Design direction/coordination of Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical engineers. Coordinate interior design systems design and align with budget pricing (if applicable).
  • Develop architectural and engineering concepts; client review.
  • Contractor to update initial contractor Cost Estimate.
  • Analyze budget, adjust program and/or construction assemblies to suit budget.
  • Perform value engineering studies by all disciplines, architectural, SME Engineers (if required).
  • Meet with client to review results of value engineering studies; attain building systems approval/sign off.
  • Prepare documents for client review; review schedule and budget.

Expand on schematic design solution; increase input of Structural, mechanical and Electrical Engineers for systems design/evaluation and value engineering studies.

Lock in on approved building design package, c/w engineering systems designs ready for client approval to move to working documents phase.

Design Development Stage Submission

Contract Documents - Phase ID

Consultant Work Task Plan
Phase Tasks Goals
Phase 1D
Contract Documents
  • Architectural, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical (ASME) Engineering working drawings and specifications preparations.
  • Document checking and preparations.
  • Review interior design with client; review interiors finish, effects refinement and integration with building and site design.
  • Prepare final design and detailed construction drawings and specifications.
  • Review code implications; local authorities having jurisdiction.
  • Review documents against the Design Development package submitted to client to assure no deviations from design intent.
  • Meetings with Client and Contractor to review documents prior to finalizing budgets.

Complete working drawings, specifications, budget and schedule. Obtain approval by client to proceed to completion.

Working Documents Stage Completion/Submission

Bidding - Phase IIA

Consultant Work Task Plan
Phase Tasks Goals
Stage IIA
  • Assist Contractor in obtaining needed pricing.
  • Consultants to clarify questions from bidders.
  • Issue addenda/clarifications.
  • Site tours for bidders if required.
  • Bid evaluations in coordination/review with contractor/owner.

Assist in bidding process.

Tender Recommendation and Award/Construction Start

Construction Administration and Construction - Phase IIB

Consultant Work Task Plan
Phase Tasks Goals
Stage IIB
Construction Admin. and Construction Stage
  • Review contractor construction schedule (if required by client).
  • Participate in start-up meeting with contractor/trades to establish project protocol; lines of communications, standards of quality, project procedures, schedule for bi-weekly or monthly meetings.
  • Construction inspection and reviews. (As noted in Professional Fee Section.)
  • Review and clarify certificates of payment, consultant to verify progress through inspections (if required - to be clarified with Client).
  • Interpretation of construction drawings to ensure adherence to the documents.
  • Shop drawing/Product data/Sample review; expedient turnaround by consultant to maintain contractor schedule.
  • Manage price requests, change orders and field instructions.
  • Substantial Completion Inspection; Certification that work completed as per design documents.
  • Consultations with authorities having jurisdiction.
  • Confirm that project manuals have been submitted to meet substantial performance criteria and coordinate training for operational staff.
  • Develop deficiency lists following substantial performance and monitor.
  • Establish life safety test procedures.
  • Certify building for Occupancy Permit purposes.
  • Prepare record drawing documentation and provide Owner with paper and electronic copies.
  • Supervise commissioning/operation training of building systems.

Perform site reviews and monitor work to general compliance and process changes, claims, etc.

Final Payment/Project Completion

Warranty - Phase IIC

Consultant Work Task Plan
Phase Tasks Goals
Stage IIC
Warranty Review
  • 12-month warranty site review.

Finalize contract obligations

Tender Recommendation and Award/Construction Start