"JMA always seems to exceed my expectations! When we set forth a task or a design problem, John and his team not only meet our expectations but always exceed them…I like that."

Carmen Lien

"We have a great working relationship with JMA Architecture…we are always searching to find an architectural team that we can do good work with."

Brian Barber
Senior Vice President
Ledcor Construction Limited

Welcome to JMA

JMA Architecture Ltd. is very pleased to introduce itself into the Saskatchewan marketplace by offering a fresh and imaginative architectural design service to its clientele. JMA corporate goal is to provide creative yet responsible architectural design that exceeds the needs of the client and user.

The founder and owner, John McGinn, has over 22 years of experience in the architectural industry, lending from 15 years of experience within an integrated architectural/engineering firm. John prides himself on an intuitive and creative design sense backed with strong technical experience.

The JMA design service incorporates 3-D imagery within the schematic/design development services as a design standard to all its clientele. Whether it be three dimensional massing studies in schematic design, wireframe or realistic 3-D modeling in the design presentation or building images set into pictures of the specific site; JMA thinks it is critically important for the client to have a clear vision of the development from project inception, which assists in the design and production process.

JMA will go beyond client expectations by providing creative design solutions that are responsive to a thorough and inclusive design process, and follow the design process with concise working design documents in providing a holistic architectural service.

About Us

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Consultant Team

JMA Architecture's building design service benefits and builds upon a strong and dynamic relationship with the majority of Regina's professional design consultants. JMA has had the pleasure of working with the majority of the Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Geotechnical professional disciplines in the community on past projects. We strive to maintain a strong connection with our consultant partners; a combination of viewpoints and design strengths make it important to entrust and empower the team professionals in a collaborative manner.

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We believe that every project has a special set of parameters, variables and requirements that need to be exposed through the design/building process. The Architectural team should ask the right questions, encourage new ideas, and expose the client to possibilities not yet discovered or realized. Each building design problem is different but by implementing each incremental step of our design methodology process, the complexion of the project can be exposed, analyzed and properly documented to establish the total scope of project work.

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